Bug on Zedge app


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Apr 7, 2011
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Hi guys! I wish someone could help me with ZEDGE. My phone is Samsung s5830 (Galaxy Ace running on froyo). Here's my situation:

I downloaded ringtone "A" direct from Zedge app on my phone, and it's doing fine. I can see it on my "downloaded ringtones" list (Downloads > Ringtones). However, when I downloaded ringtone "B" from pc and then transfered it using the USB cable, Zedge app cannot see the file. I put ringtone "B" inside Zedge > ringtones folder. I tried going to the advanced option of zedge (More > Advanced) and clicking "Recover old downloads", it seems to work, now I can see both ringtone "A" and ringtone "B" on my "downloaded ringtones" list. But then when I click on ringtone "B" and press "set as default ringtone/alarm/notification", I always get OPERATION FAILED.

Ringtone "A" can be set as default ringtone/alarm/notification with no problem, which made me conclude that ringtones transfered from PC are the only ones with problems.
What should I do?
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