Ringtones - for unknown #s and for groups


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Dec 26, 2009
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Okay so I have assigned ringtones for individual people however I'd like to be able to assign a ringtone to an entire group (my contacts came over from gmail where I have them in groups like coworkers, family, etc) and I'm not seeing this option. I'm only able to assign one at a time - through my phone - and when I have to go through 300 contacts each time that's ridiculous... what am I missing?

Also - I'd like to have a different ringtone when someone is calling thats either a blocked phone number OR a number that's not in my contact list (so I don't know them)... but I'm not seeing that option... what am I missing?

(I have been using mabilo and ringdroid so far...)
I haven't found an option for groups yet either and share your immense frustration! Maybe someone knows of an app that will support groups.
How do you assign different ringtones for different people?

Go to your contact list, choose a contact, click the menu button at bottom, choose Options, choose ringtone and apply the ringtone you want.
Two years later...does anyone have a solution for this yet? I just got a Droid Bionic, which I use for work too. I'd like my work contacts to have a separate ringtone. Some are in a separate group under my main account, but those and more are in my work gmail, which I also added to my phone. So I'd like everything for that account to ring a different ringtone.