Ringtone app question


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Apr 6, 2011
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Ringtone App Question
I've been looking for an app For my Droid X that allows me to record any type of sounds and turn the sounds into ringtones. I found two apps here both of which were suppose to take music on my phone and create ringtones from whatever parts of the songs I choose. Neither one of the apps recognized any music on the phone and one of the apps was supposed to have the ability to record random sounds and make them custom ringtones, but after recording something a message popped up stating that the recording isn't recognized (cpp files). I downloaded Ringdroid this morning and had the same results. Question (finally): has anyone come across an app that will record any sound of my choosing and edit it so it will become a ringtone? If there is another thread on here with this information, I was unable to locate and am grateful for the direction to the information. Thank you