Ring Tone PITA.....WTF? What Did Mr. Moto Do To My Droid?


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Jun 3, 2013
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I Have to be Honest here..I did not search the forum as I don't think I could find the answer as it would require a bunch of test searches which would probably take a while ....so here goes.

I have a Moto Laser Android bought thru Verizon a few years back. I down loaded a Free Ringtone APP for old classic bell rings. Works great nice and loud back in the day.

Then one day ...Moto decided to up grade the operating System to what I have now "4.1.2" Android Version. Since this was done a while back my phone will do the following when a call comes in.

(1)...Announce...."Verizon Wireless".....Pause

a few seconds Latter...

The Classic Old school Telephone Bell Ringtone ....Ring Once.....and Stop

Then...a Long Pause......

Then Announce ..."Verizon Wireless"..... pause.

This Then repeats for one more time...

Then goes to Voice mail.

In 30 Seconds I get 3 rings and BANG...Switches incoming call to Voice mail.

Sometimes I never even get to my phone in time Due to the long pauses between rings and that Stupid Announcement.

HTF do I correct this..I just want my phone to ring with out giving me a Commercial!

Thanks In advance..