Restoring With Safestrap


Apr 24, 2012
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SE Michigan
Once again, I find myself in a pickle, and Google isn't helping.

I took the plunge and finally decided after a year of "living with" the crap in the Verizon OS builds that I would make the switch to Cyanogen.
I followed the instructions, backed up all my apps with Titanium, and then used Safestrap to additionally create a complete backup of my stock system before I wiped it in case I ran into something and needed to turn it all back around to how I was before I started this.

And, of course, I screwed something up. I put the Maserati build on my sdcard, but I forgot to copy over the other .zip packages before I started this process. Needless to say, I ended up with a very plain Cyanogen ROM and none of the extras I had intended to load. No worries though, I backed up my previous system, I can return to it rather quickly without fail....

And that's where i was apparently wrong.
I can see the backup files on my device. They're sitting right there in the backup folder just like I expected them to be.
Unfortunately, when I go to the restore screen in Safestrap to restore them to the root ROM, it isn't listing the files.

There's plenty of step-by-step instructions on how to safely install the ROM, run the backups, wipe the system, and even to recover from bricking your phone. I can't find a damn thing on how to restore this backup data. :mad:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
The point of Safestrap is being able to have multiple rom slots and still be able to switch back to your stock rom. So I'm a little confused on what you're trying to restore. Did you install Cyanogen over your stock slot? If not what are you trying to restore?

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Nah, I'm running Stock, and Cyanogen is in Rom Slot 1. Per the instructions though, I was recommended to do a factory wipe before installing Cyanogen. Basically I want to restore my phone back to how it was before I did the wipe with the data I backed up, and the restore feature is not finding the files I backed up.
Wiping only affects the selected slot, so assuming slot 1 was active, your stock slot should not have been wiped.

If you are trying to restore something to your stock slot, I recommend browsing your sdcard/internal memory before trying to restore. I forget the exact location but safestrap backups are stored in something like /sdcard-ext/twrp/backups/00000000/blahblahblah"

Tl:dr : find where the backup is located before trying to restore as the default location safestrap starts in when trying to restore is not the same place it backed the file up to.

Hope that helps

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Yeah, I've got the location of the backup data. I thought it was odd, but it appeared to want me to FDR the stock rom before installing Cyanogen, so that's what I did.

With the restore, I can choose internal or external. I know mine is on external because i selected external when backing up and I've seen the files on the external SD, so I select that button. It still shows a blank restore window with no selectable options and I can't navigate it to any folders because nothing is listed. I was hoping that it might just be looking for the files in a different location and I just need to move them to that location. It would require knowing what the location is though.

Edit: the files are in the external SD \TWRP\BACKUPs\stock-stock-2013-08-08--20-50-42 all the files are nice and pretty with the MD5's, but it's not finding them
Well an update. And this was really odd.

Decided to copy the files into the root of the external SD card to see if it would see them there. I left the files in their original location since I had plenty of free space on the card.
Wouldn't you know it, I booted up Safestrap, and it found the files right where they've been all along. I don't get it at all, but at least I'm able to run the restore now.