restoring system data


Jul 9, 2010
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Sorry for the stupid question but are there any system data that can be restored after flashing a new rom? I always thought you can restore the things in green in titanium backup, but I did that and the system kept force closing. I restored the things in green like bluetooth, bookmarks, etc. Is there any system data that I can safely restore without causing problems? Also, what about app data?
ehh, switching roms and reinstalling system data causes issues. its easier to just sync what you can and restore the rest manually. app data is ok (the whole point of tibu) but i do not recommend system data
I usually restore some system data items like bookmarks and bluetooth settings with TiBU, and app data as well.

I do the same, I also do the sms/mms restore as well. Contacts is known to cause force closes. I restored my alarms/clock and it caused the clock to force close. I had to remove the clock app and reflash the rom to fix it.
usually i restore contacts and sms..which does cause fc issues each time but just going into the app management and clearing data for sms/contacts fixes fc's...and all ur messages are restored :)