Restoring phone to factory

Dec 29, 2010
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Seattle, WA
If I restore my phone to factory settings, does that mean I will have to re-purchase the apps I paid for, or can I just redownload them for free since I already paid. For example, droid 2 bootstrapper, it won't let me move it to my SD card, so I'm not sure what I should do, to save it? And I don't wanna have to pay for it again ya know. So what can I do?

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Apps that you have paid for are linked to your google account and will be re downloaded when you sync your account.
No. if you go to market and hit the menu button you'll see your paid apps there that you can download again. Most of the time all yours apps will automatically download.

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Sweet, that's was I figured, but I didn't wanna assume and then have to pay for my apps again lol

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This is true, but be aware that if you are using any type of games that get items, or levels, or scores you will be starting over again. The only way to avoid that is buy rooting and purchasing Titanium Backup.
Yea, I have titanium backup, so if I backup angry birds to my sdcard, then when I download and install it, it will restore my data, correct?

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