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Dec 3, 2010
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My recent purchase of a Droid X has been a flawless experience except for one issue. It will not allow a reply of emails. All received emails which are forwarded back to the sender get stuck in the outbox folder. All new emails get sent OK> A Verizon tech told me it was a hardware issue that needs to be corrected by Motorola. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any comments would be appreciated.
Welcome! People report similar issues. What email service are your using? It may be the outgoing settings are not correct or the SSL port.
Outgoing server port was corrected to Droid. When installing I used the same port on my laptop. Regardless, that was not the proglem....according to Verizon tech. She told me Motorola is aware of the issue.
Exchange might be what was chosen...I cannot recall. How can I tell?