Replacement xt912... can I make an exact copy?


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Sep 11, 2014
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motorola xt912
I have a Motorola xt912 that the micro usb connector is worn out. I bought another one just like it and have done the factory reset on the new one. is there a way to make an exact copy of my original phone and restore to the new one so that I don't have to go change everything manually? Id like an exact replica, down to every icon, wallpaper etc. to be exactly the same... Ive tried three different programs off the app store, but none do everything, let alone somethings well... the best Ive gotten was my contacts, and all my apps, but none of the saved data from some of my games...I certainly don't want to start some over... and more importantly one app that I bought an unlock for, it transferred the app but not the key... tried copying everthing from the directory when connected to my laptop,but I don't see some apps even after I reveal hidden files...