Putting Digital Copy movies on TB


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Mar 22, 2011
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Hey guys,

So I bought the HTC Thunderbolt and have been trying to get movies onto it that I've purchased via digital copy (came with certain blu-rays that I bought). I managed to get one over (Predators) by scanning the little squared bar code on the paper that came with the code for the digital copy and using the pocketBlu app. But none of the rest of my digital copies came with that bar code, just the letter/number codes for transferring to the PC. Whenever I try to do the simple "click and drag" technique to copy the movie over to the phone via USB connection to my TB from the computer, all I get is a little image of a locked padlock and when I try to play the movie it it won't start. I imagine it's because it's "protected" even though I payed for the rights to use/transfer the digital copy. Anyone know of a way to get around this? Thanks a ton if you can help out, been trying to get this figured out for the past 3 days now...


Mar 23, 2011
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I'm pretty sure most titles these days are drm protected. I think they can only be played on windows or OSX. I could be wrong but I think I remember hearing that.