DVDs that come with a "Digital Copy".


Nov 11, 2009
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I bought Inglorious Basterds on Blu Ray in part, because it comes with a digital copy. I thought "great! I can put that on my Droid." The disc allows you to copy it to your computer as either a wmv or as an Itunes movie. I tried to convert from wmv to mv4 with Handbrake, but the program crashes at the same point in the conversion process every time. Is this a DRM issue?

Anyone successfully put a "digital copy" on their droid?


it's a DRM issue. both the WMV file and the iTunes file need to be "activated"
There are some "recorder" programs out there that can sort of dub the video to another format (remember VHS dubbing with 2 decks?) but you will lose quality.
WMRecorder is one of the dubbing apps, but there are more.
Usually its easier to rip the bluray (visit Doom9.net - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource for details) or to rent and rip the DVD instead.

If you want it completely easy, look in http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-audio-video/2168-what-movies-your-droid.html for a droid-optimized version of inglorious basterds :)

edit, for bluray info look in the forums of doom9
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