Repeated alerts for the SAME email


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Aug 26, 2010
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Seriously?? If I delete an email, it pops back up with an alert. If I DON'T delete the email, it sits there, but the alert STILL sounds every so often. Never happened before the 2.2 upgrade.

Also, I have no vibrate function. If I turn my ringer down to vibrate, it enters silent mode. So it’s either nothing or ringer. Not very useful for meetings. Am I the only one with these issues?

Carrier: Verizon.
Fair enough. Any suggestions?

And any idea on why my phone no longer has a vibration setting?
Awesome. I'll check those out. Thanks.

And they work with comcast mail?
I'm having a similar issue. If I don't acknowledge a email ( exchange email) the alert keeps beeping every 45 seconds or so. It didn't do this on the first day I upgraded to 2.2. In the gmail client their is a option for repeat notifications. The droid x isn't turning out to be a substitute for blackberry. What a shame.