Volume/Vibe Settings on Galaxy S III


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Jan 2, 2013
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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the forum so I am a little unsure of the exact etiquitte you expect around here as EVERY forum I am a member of has different unwritten "rules". So please bear with me.

I did search for this issue before starting a new post, and nothing really seemed to pop out at me to be a solution to my issue.

I've had my Galaxy for 3 days now and so far I LOVE most things about it. I've ended up figuring out ways around most issues I've come across. But this one I can't seem grasp. It is kind of a multi-part problem I guess. When I set the phone to vibrate, I kinda expect it to vibrate...but it only sets the ringer to vibrate and silences notifications. This is an issue to me because I still want to get my text messages when I feel my phone vibrate. Through settings I have unchecked "sound and vibration" because I don't want the phone to vibrate AND ring when I want the ringer or notification alert to have sound. I want it to make a noise OR to vibrate depending on what I set it on, not both. Another issue, kinda related. When I turn up or down the volume with the side button, it only moves the ringer volume not the notification volume...until it gets to vibrate and then silences the notification and system volume...it shows the vibe icon next to them, but has it crossed out. This is an issue because if I want the volume quieter if someone is sleeping or whatever, I want ALL of the volume to turn down, not just one. And if I need to turn it up to hear from a distance or loud enviroment, I want ALL volumes turned up...Do I really have to manually adjust indivdual volumes EVERY time I change environments? Is there a way to save specific volume profiles or something?

The latter is just a preference for an easier way, I CAN make that work, just inconveniently, but I NEED my phone to vibrate for calls and texts, but HATE it vibrating when sound is enabled. So if I can somehow get that figured out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance,