Droid Alert Profiles


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Nov 8, 2009
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As a user who just recently moved from a Blackberry to a Droid I am trying to find something similar to an Alert Profile. For those non-BB users, an Alert Profile is a custom set of alerts you can change which changes alerts across the board.

For example, when I am on call at night I use "Phone Only" so I am not woken up by the hundred of emails I receive over night but I can still be reached by phone if needed. In meetings I use "Vibrate Only" which changes all alerts to vibrate mode. While driving I use "Loud" which makes all volumes and vibrates at their maximum levels.

I know I can put everything in vibrate or silent mode, but I'd like to be able to leave my ringer on and disable all other alerts at night.

Thanks in advance.
I'm also a complete newbie who made the switch from a BB Storm, and I just downloaded and tested "Quick Profiles". It's excellent! :)
Is there an app that will allow you to control the Status Light on the X