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Nov 15, 2009
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Is there a way to rename the folders. ..when you do a long press for the Widgets? Im really just looking for a another way to reorganize all of my apps on my home screens. Thanks for any help
You can't rename icons. You can however create a folder.... name it whatever you want and use that to organize your home screen.

Correct me if I'm wrong anyone but I believe some of the home theme apps allow you to rename icons.

Post below me explains how to rename an existing folder. Sorry for any confusion
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Open folder; press/hold on top bar; rename; ok :)
I need a little help here. I created a folder called Widgets. I can open the folder but dont know how to add anything to it. How can I add widgets to a folder. I seem to only add them to the home screen.

Widgets can only be added to the homescreen, not folders. You can put shortcuts to apps or direct dials (for example) in folders, but not widgets.

If anyone knows a way to change the icons of individual folders I'd love to know about it.
OOPS! I've answered my own question. Found it with a search (after the fact).. Sorry for wasted space.

For others with the same question - I found "Apps Organizer" which looks to be an awesome way to clean up all those icons! Thanks forums for such a great search feature! ;)

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Does that app allow you to put the icons in alphabetical order? Or if anyone knows of a way to do this...