Rename a folder on home screen?


Nov 7, 2009
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Sacramento area, CA
Hello all,

So I wanted to create a couple folders on my home screen, one for speed dials, one for map locations. I see I can create a folder easily, but there seems to be no way to rename it. Is it me or am I missing some way to rename it? I've tried the menu button on the home screen, holding it down, tapping it (which opens it) then menu button.. nothing with a rename option. I'd rather not have a bunch of icons with Folder as the name... sure, I can remember what the two folders are..but seems really odd you can't give it a name and even perhaps an icon.
Click the folder so that the gray box for the folder pops up.

Then press & hold the name of the Folder at the top of the gray box.

A new popup will appear that allows you to edit the name.
click and hold the title bar at the top of the open folder and it will give you a dialogue box to change the title.
Gah! Thanks guys. I am an idiot! I thought I did that too! I know I clicked on the name. Lol. They really should allow you to enter a name when you first create the folder.