Rename icons?


Nov 21, 2009
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I love my Droid. I do. I am at a loss for one thing though.

Is there a way to rename icons on the home screen? Not folders but icons. Some of their names are too long and so they don't show the full name. This drives me crazy but I cannot find a way around it.

TIA for any help.
I'd love to be able to do this as well. Drives me a little nuts too. Damned OCD !!
unfortunately the only "icons" you can change the name of are the folders that you create. Apps/widgets can't be renamed.

Weird how they get clipped off on homescreen yet in app tray(s) they are fine.
Dxtop home replacement app allows you to rename any icon
That is what I don't get. Why can it show the full name elsewhere but not on my homescreen? Particularly with my contacts. I have five Ambers in my contact two of which have the same first letter of their last name. That really complicates my speed dial home page!

I suppose I had to find something that I didn't like about the cannot be perfect, I guess....