Removing Videos and Pictures


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Jul 25, 2014
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In the past, I've used Android File Transfer to move pictures and videos from a DNA to an iMac. Today, however, it wouldn't work. AFT wouldn't even recognize that an Android device was connected. So, I tried using the HTC Sync Manager. Initially, it starts syncing the files, but stops about half way through and says that no device is connected. Almost immediately, it goes back to recognizing a device is connected, but nothing syncs. It just goes and goes without actually finding any files on the device. This is maddening. I've tried multiple USB cables with no success.

After it wouldn't work on the iMac, I busted out a 12 year old Dell laptop that I don't use anymore because it has XP. It kind of worked. The HTC Sync Manager wouldn't recognize that an HTC device was connected. However, I'm currently using the Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard to get the files off the phone.