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Oct 23, 2010
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When an Android app is uninstalled, does it leave behind any traces or entries that over time could clutter the system?
e.g. Under Windows, the Registry can get cluttered with entries from apps that were once installed because the uninstall routines don't do a good job of removing everything related to the app.

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e.g. I tried pulse, and uninstalled it. It left behind 266 files occupying 1.63MB on my sdcard under a directory named pulse. If I don't manually delete it, it will be there forever.

On my Windows PC, I have an app that can locate orphaned registry entries and temp directories and clean them up. Anything similar under Android?

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Hi Natey2! I found just what you need in the Market. It's called Smart Defender Pro. It's $1.99 and has a registry cleaning portion among other things.

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Thanks cutiedroid!
Looks like that app does a number of other things that my Lookout already does.
Wish they had a trial version...

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SD Maid should fill your needs

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