[Release] New Theme - PINK-LIFE

How do you install apk ? Do I put it on my sd card and install or do I rename it update and do that??
dorlisa, did you have the pink gmail logo until you recently updated gmail through the market? just go into your downloads in market and "uninstall update" under Gmail.
I am running this theme but some reason I lost the pink android and want him back.. how can I get it? I am running LauncherPro Plus...does that have anything to do with it?
I anyone having issues with chrome to phone with this? I am tring to register my phone but the status is not registered. Any ideas?
Im having same problem! It used to work but not any more since using this. :(
Honestly I do not know. You are currently in the droid 1 custom rom section. To find anything for the droid x you will need to go to the appropraite forum for whatever rom it is you are running, that is I am assuming you are rooted. Anyway following this link should get you to where you need to go hopefully:

Droid X Forum - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
im not even a fan of the color pink but its just displayed so great that i must flash it!