regular charging tips


Nov 5, 2009
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Long Island NY
While Li-Ion batteries do not require conditioning and do not have a memory... they DO have a limited life cycle. Just like any battery each time you charge them they build up contaminants inside removing some life from the battery.

I do NOT recommend charging them every night if they don't need it. If you have the ability to always be sure you'll have a charger where the battery is finally going to hit the 15% level, let it go. If you won't be somewhere you're able to charge it, then by all means do so.

I have a charger at home, in the car and at work so unless I am going someplace other than that, I let the battery drain until I get the warning.

USB will NOT charge the battery as efficiently as a wall socket. It will charge it just much slower and I don't feel it gets as deep a charge. If you have to use USB, shut everything you can down (GPS, WiFi, etc) plug it in, then shut the screen off.

A battery is just like any wearable item in your life. Taking care of them takes a little effort and forethought.