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Mar 16, 2011
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I just recently got the HTC extended battery and cover from Verizon for half price. Great deal and love the fact I can get over a full work day out of this beast now. Can somebody please recommend a case that will fit this with the extended battery? I know they offer a belt clip with a case that will fit but I'd like to find something with a little better protection. Thank you in advance.
I got mine from It was only $20. It didn't include a belt clip though.

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Look at page two of the Extended HTC Battery + Door post on 4/23. There are pictures of the gel case I cut out.
Otter box don't make an extened case for rezound I have found tpu cases online that are made for the extended battery

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JeffDenver said: is the link I just posted fake?

There case is the normal defender case just when u install it onto phone u can't put the back hard cover of the otter box on in witch it defeats the full protection of it

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Thanks everyone. I just ordered one from HTCPedia. Should have looked there first but I forgot about them. :p
Yeah, the extended battery door feels very resilient. There is empty space in it that acts like a shock absorber. If I dropped it I would not be worried at all if it fell on the back.
I bought this one for the extended battery:


It is a case and a holster and it has a kickstand.
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That's the same case & holster you can get at the Verizon store(s). I use the same one. I got my case/holster combo plus extended battery and door for roughly $56 after tax and my corporate discount. I've been pleased with it and the kickstand is great for using the alarm clock!

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If you want protection and don't mind bulk, the Kraken from AMS is the best case I could find. I've had mine for about two weeks, and love it. To make it work with the extended battery, you have to take your stock battery case and cut out the section where the battery fits (There are indentations to follow, it's quite easy with a sharp razor). Then you fit the case over the extended battery, and cut out a square in the silicone so the extended batter fits through without creating a hump. Then install the hard plastic outer, and you have a perfect case. It has rubber covers over all the ports, keeping pocket filth out of them (I ruined my headphone jack on my last phone by pushing gunk in). The thick silicone should act as a great shock absorber, and the buttons are much easier to locate/push now. The case is solid and well built, and surprisingly enough is completely unnoticeable in my pocket (And I'm only 5'3, it should look like I have a bible in my pocket. The kickstand is excellent as well.