recently rooted phone now unrooted.


Sep 8, 2010
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I recently just unrooted my wifes phone and she had the miui on her phone. I used her first backup with her phone with ROM Manager and unrooted using easyroot. Then i took off all the rooted apps and then tried to update her to the regular froyo. Each time it downloads the update a phone with the white triangle comes up. I take out the battery and it boots back up. I think the phone all ready has the update but after a few hours it trys to update again. I will say install later then it will force it to download and it all starts over again. This is what it says under About Phone:
Model number: Droid, Android version: 2.2, Baseband version: c_01.43.01p, Kernel version: android-build@apa26#1, Build number: FRG01B

Please help.
I would check the sdcard for a previous and delete it if so.

You are getting stock recovery but it should be automated at that point.

If you get that screen again press vol up and camera I believe.

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Ok, i got to wait on my wife to get back. Ill let you know how it turns out.

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I just read the tuturial that you showed me and its making me question whether it is the kernal on the phone that is messing with the phone. I deleted the file on the sdcard and now i have to wait to see if it does it again. In the mean time is the kernel i have listed in my first post a andriod 2.2 kernal? I'm curious because i have loaded several kernal in the past.