Razr to Mac USB: No Charge


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Feb 16, 2012
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Good morning,

I am currently using the usb cord that came with my droid razr. When I connect it to my mac at work the razr recognizes a "usb connection" but it doesn't begin to charge. Normally I have my old usb cord at work from my old env3 and my droid razr charges fine with it. Hopefully I can get my phone charging because I need to transport files later today for a presentation at another location. Any fixes on how to do this? Sorry if this has been answered before but I have been searching the past 20-30mins without any solid results. The drivers page on the motorola website only has PC drivers, nothing for mac. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Mac software: 10.6.8 Mac OS X
It would have been smart to look more into the "usb connection". For people who are a little slow (like myself) with electronics you can tap that usb connection icon and enable "charge only". It is working like a gem now. Sorry to make a useless post!