RAZR Maxx wifi vs cell data.


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Oct 4, 2012
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I'm at a loss. I've always set my phone up to auto connect to wifi when possible, only to find out my new RAZR Maxx ICS will not allow me to send or receive picture messages when I'm connected to a wifi network. Even if i keep cellular data enabled. Any help or knowledge of a fix?
Go to Menu>Settings>Data Manager.
Is Data Enabled checked? It should be.
Is Background Data checked? It should be.
Click on Data Saver - is Data Saver on? I'd turn it off.
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If you're using Handcent, try another texting app. I have the same problem on my Rezound with Handcent only, have tried every setting change I can think of and no joy. Stock messaging app, Chomp and Go sms work fine.

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Figure it out OP?

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Well guys, I've got my phone through a regional carrier, so not a Verizon phone. I don't have data manager menu. I'll keep digging, i use stock sms.