Razr Maxx or HTC ThunderBolt?


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Mar 11, 2012
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Northern California
I love the Razr Maxx in every way with the exception of the Tired Data plans. A friend offered me their HTC ThunderBolt to me-for a price- but it has Unlimited Data. One problem: I HATE HTC's User Interface and the fact that it is difficult to root, then tether as opposed to the Razr Maxx which is a one click root. What should I get?

Razr Maxx 10GB a month
HTC ThunderBolt Unlimited Data Upgrade available in December 2012

P.S. I do not have 4G where I live but surrounding cities do.
P.S.S. I love love love Motorola

AND If anyone has a Motorola-Like Launcher, Easy way to root ThunderBolt, or a Droid Razr Maxx Unlimited Data Line for sale, please post below!
Data is based on your #/plan, not the phone. If you currently have unlimited data, it doesn't matter, and while the Bolt is a decent phone, the Maxx is probably better overall (unless you hate the size).

Unless I'm missing something...

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One way you could go about it, though expensive, is selling the TB and then buying a Razr Maxx at full retail.

Because the TB has unlimited data are you taking over your friend's line with the phone?
If you take the tbolt and activate it on your lime then you will be stuck with the same data plan you currently have.

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Unless you are buying your buddy's line, no matter which phone you get transferred to your line you will still have a tiered plan. The data is tied to your account/# as jnt said, not the phone. So is he just selling you the phone or his whole line?
What they said. If activated on your line then its whatever your current plan is.