razr keeps shutting off on its own


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Nov 29, 2011
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zimmerman mn
my phone keeps shutting off on it own whe my kids or myself are playing games or surfing the web any ideas why
Stock? Rooted? Temperature? Need more info. Could be a few things.
Hmm it could be a bad unit. If you're stock the only issues I can see for sudden reboots are heat or issue with the stock system. If heat isn't the issue and if you don't want to root then I would recommend getting another replacement.
ok thank you i was thinking maybe it might be a app it does not happen all the time
Does it do a reboot or does it just close the app/game that you're using?
its just like you push the power button to lock the screen and when you turn it back on the game/app is still there
hmm that's weird. Normally it will either force close the app entirely or it will reboot the device. Maybe someone will chime in with a similar experience.
Sounds like screen time out setting...

from mah razr! gfy!
Sounds like screen time out setting...

from mah razr! gfy!

Yeah, I am doubting the phone is actually "shutting down" and it goes through the entire reboot process, because if it did - the game would be gone. This sounds like a screen timeout to me too. I would go to the home screen, then tap the Menu icon at the bottom (looks like 3 lines), and choose <Settings>. Once there, select <Display>, then in the middle of the list you'll see <Screen Timeout>. Tap that and look at what is already selected, such as 30 seconds, 2 minutes, etc. Does that timeframe relate to the same time it takes for the games to go black?

Most games either prevent the screen from shutting down themselves or have a choice to do so. If this one doesn't then you'll have to push that timeout to <Never timeout>, but you'll also have to remember to either manually shut the screen off with the power button or go back into settings and revert to the previous timeout limit.
Anyone ever get an answer on this? Mine does the same thing timeout is set to 2min but will blackout after 5sec, 15, 20 ect... very random timings and very intermittent. Battery was at 77f once when i noticed it happen.
Sounds like in pocket protection kicking in because the sensors were inadvertently covered. Solved by turning off if not wanted or being more careful to not trigger it.

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since it is a refurb id send it back, its till under warranty and it will be of no cost to you.
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