RAZR keeps rebooting into bootloader


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Jul 1, 2012
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I went to flash back to 2.3.6 today so i could receive the OTA 4.0, i currently have the leaked 6.16.211.xt912. I have used rsd to flash back a few times with no issues. This time though it only makes it to step 7 and i believe it says rebooting bootloader and then it says FAIL. now everytime i reboot my phone it goes straight to the bootloader and from there i have to select normal start up to get it to boot up. Any ideas to what i may be doing wrong in rsd lite.

FYI: I am using rsd lite 5.7 I am using the 2.3.6 fastboot file from rootzwiki Also in the past i have had issues because of the location I placed the fastboot file on my pc so i did try different locations im not sure if that matters or not.

Any help would be appreciated.
Should Matts RAZR utility take care of this. I just found a thread talking about his utility and sounds like it might work. Do you know anything about this utility

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