Lost IMEI after resurrecting crashed Droid Razr now on 6.16.211

Apr 20, 2012
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Hi guys,

Ok so i screwed up this razr big time, while i was installing an ics leak it failed to finish and i got stuck on AP Fastboot recipe failure.
So what i did was i popped open the cover applied direct current to the phone's battery and then attempted to use Droid razt utility to get the razr back up. this failed, so i hunted down the razr fastboot files and used RSD lite 1.7 to fix the issue. well that kinda worked. the razr was not showing up properly in RSD, i was still able to flash but it looks like its done a separate partition. Dont know how. I still get fastboot failure restarting and have to manually trigger normal startup mode. it also lost the IMEI when i did this. how can i fix both the fastboot issue and IMEI from this point forward???:hail:
Worth a try but I'm sure it will fail since i did go past the point of no return.