Random Restarts and Crashing (Native) Apps...Please Help?


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Aug 3, 2010
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Overall, I'm thrilled and happy with my DX, but there are some things that are bothering me:
Randomly, my DX will just restart, so far, it's happened a good 2-4 times a day. Not a HUGE deal, but it's disconcerting (from what I can remember, it never really happened on my original Droid).

Battery life...not stellar but not surprising, Just wondering what kind of battery performance others are getting and brief descriptions on how to improve it. (also waiting on that extended battery from Verizon)

Now the big stinker, Apps are constantly crashing. I was using maps/nav about a week ago and they kept crashing, I'd restart but it'd keep happening. I uninstalled the maps updates and then reinstalled but the problem persists. I can't confidently use maps or nav because they will both crash for no reason and it really blows.
Today, I opened the browser, directed it toward androidcentral and the app crashed and my phone restarted. The contacts app also restarted a few times, once when scrolling through my contacts and a few times when in the Statuses pane (to the right of the contacts list)

Any advice on how to fix this? I really like this phone and I was thinking maybe I got a defective one, but I'm not so sure. Just any help would be appreciated.
Threads on all of these topics so far, lot of people with the crashing issues, and many opon many threads on the battery. A search is the way to go.
Got random restarts too...I found a few threads discussing this in the Droid X forums, but not too much info on a for sure idea of what is happening. I do suggest searching as Sydman has suggested.
I had this problem (random restarts then started restarting when I would make a call), got annoyed and returned my X. Needless to say I have a new one on the way. I was told by Verizon that this is a known problem with the more recent X's and they are working to get it fixed. I discovered after mine was gone that they would have sent me a new X. I would call customer service and they will get you all fixed up. They said they would have sent a like new phone to me until they had a new one in. My extended battery did me no good but we think it was a software issue with the phone.
What my store didn't tell me was that the manufacturer warranty does not kick in until after 30 days are up and until then Verizon has to replace the phone with a new one.
After what I went through you probably have a defective one. Good Luck!
I've been dealing with this since late July...best answer is to get a new phone. The 2.2 update may fix it, but why wait and see?
I booted into safe mode as someone had suggested. They said that if while in safe mode it doesn't crash it is a problem with one of the apps. So far, so good, no crashing ... but which app?!?!
Are you using a task killer? I was having the same issue as you and I deleted mine yesterday and went a whole day with out one single incident... I am anxious to see how today goes (I use it more for work) I'll let you know..
@msuperbauer Nope, no task killer here. I've read conflicting reports on it, either they are extremely necessary, or not necessary at all. I decided to go without one so I guess it wouldn't be the root of my problem since I never had one at all. However, after your post my idea of what might be going on may have some merit. I posted in another "crashing" thread


<<@Nadious I hear your frustration. As an update to my situation, and drawing connection to your situation... I mentioned I booted it into safe mode for several hours. No crash. I am back to no safe mode and so far it has rebooted (or crashed, however we are explaining this) at least 3 times. So, Nadious, it sounds like we are having similar issues. However, the gentle "nod" or "shake" of the phone doesn't have it rebooting for me. It just seems to reboot randomly. I also did not have any charging issues so far. :: fingers crossed ::

I'm guessing it might be an app issue at this point. Although many people are reporting similar problems...I think that probably would be the case. Or maybe it really isn't. This also started happening to me a little over a month of having the Droid X and no such problems. I have a large number of apps and it would be tough to figure out which app it is, however I am really hesitant because it is going to take a long time to re DL all the apps and reset up my phone to what I have on it, and the way I have it now. I wish everything could be transferred over from phone to phone, not just contacts and stuff. I'd rather wait the few weeks maybe, try to locate the app that may be causing the problems and also by then it looks like 2.2 will be updated on the X and we can go from there. I'm not that knowledgeable on coding and processes on these phones or anything, but if it is an app, I was thinking that it might be that at some point two (or more I guess) apps are running in the background at the same time that clash with one another thus causing the reboot. That sounds like it makes sense to me. But like I said, I dunno, just trying to think in laymens terms I guess, ha!

I guess we'll see how this plays out. :-/
Since my last posts on these "crashing" threads, my phone has rebooted a few times. One thing I noticed is that when it "crashes"/reboots it doesnt reset the phone-up timer...so I guess it isn't fully turning off and on. I was going to try to pay attention to that and see when it reset, if it did, while I was in safe mode. It never rebooted while in safe mode, but then again, as I just mentioned, I guess I wouldn't have known by looking at the phone up timer. Anyways....I thought that those of us that are having these "crashing" problems might be able to exchange their list of apps? Since it looks like it might be an app issue, maybe if we see that we all have certain apps, that we can determine that they might be the cause of it. Anyone share their app list on Appbrain? That'd be an easy way to do it -- just post your Appbrain app list.
Just a thought....