Quick Questions About Developing an App =)


Jun 15, 2010
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Orlando, FL
How do you actually make an app? o_O I've been thinking I'd like to try to make one but I have no idea about the actual process. xD

Does it take advanced technology or programs and incredibly complex coding? And can it be done by one person, or is a team of developers needed? =)
No need to apologize. I thought you may get a better response in this section.

well id recomend taking up classes in java.
that orrrrrr sign up for Google App Inventor i just got accepted to this baby and its verrrryyyy simple to understand and if you have any coding experience it will come naturally.
im skilled in actionscript work and its so close to the same thing with the way they code its dumb.
I would start at What is Android? | Android Developers there are many tutorials and advance coding practices. It helps if you already have a background knowledge of Java. Either way it is a great place to start and will lead you down the right path. There are also many good books out there (try google I do not have any with me right now to give you specifics.)

Hope this will help you! Start with the basics even if you are experienced, Android is Java... but not at the same time, learn the specifics and you will be better in the long run!
How much time do you want to put into learning?