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Apr 13, 2010
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Kennesaw, GA
Greetings, fellow :motdroidvert:-ers!

I am looking to team up with another Android developer, either experienced or aspiring. My spare time has been devoted to learning programming skills and I've chosen Android as the platform in which to sharpen those skills, since I love my Droid so much!

Recently, I came up with an idea for a social-type app. I figured it would be great motivation and a good learning tool to toy around with the idea. Though that maybe teaming up with someone who knew a bit more about what they would be doing would be beneficial to helping get acquainted with the development environment. In return, if the app idea is worth anything, I will be bringing the idea or "intellectual property" to the table, as well as the skills I develop along the way. OR, if I novice or beginner is interested, figured we would be better off trying to stumble our way through the idea together instead of going it alone. I think either way would be a good experience for both parties, IMO.

As far as experience goes, I've been studying up on OOP for about 6 months or so. Coding experience is limited, but I've done most of my studying and work with Java. Been messing around with the Android SDK in Eclipse the past few days as well. I may be in the early stages, but I'm a pretty quick learner and pretty good at picking up anything having to do with technology or logic based platforms. Not trying to be arrogant or cocky, but I am pretty confident in that regard! To speak to where the confidence comes from, that would be 5 years of Undergrad under my belt, another 1 year so far of working on my MBA, and another year of an intense management training program with my work in which I had to learn what generally takes most people 10 years to achieve with normal experience. In other words, I've gotten pretty good at absorbing alot of information and grasping concepts very quickly.

I only take a stab at selling myself like that to assure anyone that might be interested in working with me that it wouldn't be a complete waste of time to work with someone so inexperienced. I've got alot riding on my ability to learn this stuff quickly, such as a big career move and potential job that I have two months to prepare for being able to show what I'm capable of. I think my idea is a fairly unique twist on the big social networking movement, could be shaped into something very substantial with some effort, and might have potential to be a big hit.

Will go into further detail of the app with anyone seriously interested.
I am currently a 5 year developer using technologies like Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, ColdFusion etc. I too am looking to expand into android development as I am confident my skills can transfer over. Let me know if you feel like working together.

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