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Aug 22, 2010
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yuma, az
I am interested in becoming a dev for android apps, but i dont understand it. I have a decent amount of computer knowledge, but no programming skills what so ever. I have read through a few tutorials but it was like trying to undertand an alien language. I already have an idea for the app, but i am pretty frustrated with this. I have the SDK, but i dont know where to start and as i mentioned before, i dont know anything about programming or writing code. Also between my occupation and my wife and son, i dont have alot of free time. So if anyone is willing and patient enough, help would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me with creating apps. Thanks in advance..........:painkiller:
Im in almost the same boat as you lol but i do have a little programming experience and i haven't done much research lol

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I've done alot of research but like i said before dont understand. I have a great idea, and i have searched the maket and couldnt find anything like it. so if i could get it developed, i think it might explode.
Have you considered giving AppInventor a shot. It won't require that you learn/know Java. It has also recently been opened to the public without a request to get accepted into the beta program.
yes i have looked into the app inventor. From what i have read about it, i dont think it will suit my needs. I have the app inventor and played with it a bit. It is easy to use, but i didnt see any "options" that i will need. I think i am going to either use android SDK, if i can get it to work properly......i may be doing something wrong. Or i might use web view, that sounds like something that might work for me. Baiscly i want people to be able to create an account be able to upload and rate pics that they have taken. Thats all the info that im releasing on my idea, maybe someone may be abe to help me out and point me in the right direction. Thanks again. dancedroid
OK so i re downloaded everything that i need for the SDK and im following the instructions from Android SDK Example Application / Sample Code and im at the part where you need to create you environment variables. The only think is it says that you need to add your path to an already existing path. I dont understand why i need to do this, can anyone explain this to me? This is why i am having such a hard time with this project because i need to understand how this all works not just how to do it. If that makes any sense.
Also over the next two weeks i will have more time to work on this project than i have had since i fist came up with it. So if anyone is willing to help thanks, if not thanks anyways. :greendroid:
i have followed the instructions to the point where it is time to create a dummy app. when i click on emulator, it doesnt come up. a black box flashes on screen once then diappears. Nothing else happens. I dont know what to do to ge this to work. the tutorial im using is Android SDK Example Application / Sample Code
Since i cannot get that to work properly i am now installing the MOTODEV studio. I havent read much about this but what i have read is that its relatively easy to use.
I have now started reading Java For Dummies. Hopefully this helps out and i will be able to start making apps.
so to see what i was up against (project wise) i downloaded an app that has the basic layout of what i will be doing and i decompiled the class to basicly see how much work was ahead of me. I knew that this wasnt going to be easy and i knew that this would take some time to actually do once i learned how to do it, but it looks as though this is going to take me months to create once i FINALLY know how to do it. I have sent the developer of that app an email requesting permission to use the code he used as a base and i would definately be chaning some things if i am able to use the code. Otherwise i may be abandoning my project.....sadly. :sad: