Making an icon pack for GoLauncher - Questions


Apr 29, 2010
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Ok, so I do have a few apps on the Market. They are all free and (IMO) not terribly good, though mildly useful. The problem is that I have artistic skills but not a lot of programming skills. So I have been forced to use canned app generators like AppGeyser.

I am extremely computer literate, and technically adept with smartphones in general and Android in particular. I have some minor programming skills, but I am definitely not a programmer. I am fluent in HTML and CSS though and I am fluent in Photoshop.

I want to do my first paid app. I've seen Theme packs for GoLauncher, and I think I can do something people might be willing to pay for. I am just not sure where to start. Is there a program that will pack all these into an installer? Maybe even something specific to GoLauncher?

I have tried to google this stuff but cant find anything. Any help would be appreciated.


Theme Developer
Theme Developer
Apr 16, 2010
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Well, avoid downloading template packs, as GoLauncher doesnt play too well with image editing. (ie: dont replace images in a template with new ones, they probably wont work!) You need to first download and setup the Android SDK, get all your variables correct, install the JDK and JRE (they are usually bundled).
Then you go to GoLaunchers website and download their themefactory.
Create a new theme, and place as many of your own images into this template as you can. The only ones you want to add later are wallpapers, dock backgrounds, app drawer backgrounds, and icons.
Save your template then import it into eclipse. You must use eclipse to market your theme, otherwise you are wasting your time! You're gonna want to know a little java, and xml to do this. Its not that hard once you're into it, but starting out in Android development with no prior experience can prove to be very troublesome!
Good luck!