Quick Question regarding early termination fees (if I am forced to)


Dec 8, 2009
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My parents are getting me a droid for Christmas and they are simply upgrading my "dumb phone" and adding the unlimited data plan for the droid to our current family plan.

Anyway my parents aren't sure how long they are going to stay with verizon, a year, 2, not sure, although we might stay with them also. Anyway seeing as how you have to sign a 2 year contract I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding early termination fees. I've been hearing a lot of different reports out there, so I would love any clarification.

Thanks a ton in advance.
You don't have to get a 2 yr contract you know. What's to know? ETF is $350 and prorated based on how long you have to go in your contract at the time you cancel. In fact many that have employer discount can get 1 year contract pricing that is only $30 more than 2 yr pricing. This was the case for me making it a no brainer to get 1 year agreement.
hmm i was unaware that a one year contract was available (although we wouldn't qualify for an employer rate)

Thanks for the info