question on verizon upgrades


Mar 7, 2010
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I am a little confused on what I can do with Verizon at any given time.

I am on a family plan, with my, my parents and my sister. We got this plan and a family plan 2 year contract in March 2010, so my 2 year contract is not up until March 2012

What I want to know is, if I sold my Moto Droid and wanted a Droid 2, could I get it at the price it is for a 2 year plan (I think $200?) instead of paying full price?

My original plan was to sell my Droid 1, sign a new 2 year contract and get a Droid 2 for that cheaper price. But my dad was saying he wasn't sure if I could do that since I am on a family plan and we are all under that 2 year contract together. Would I have to split off the family plan and get my own plan? He thinks that would be too expensive.

Thanks for the help everyone


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Feb 28, 2010
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I have a family plan that I had my wife and nephew on. Went thru this with my nephew.

You would have to emancipate that phone and phone number from your parents family plan account; you can't do just the phone. The primary account holder has to sign a letter saying that it is ok that a number on their account is being taken off and it's going to be activated on its own account and if not activated on its own account then they understand that the early termination fee has to be paid. Then sign that phone/phone number up for your own account. And since your phone is probably an added on line to the family plan where you are paying $9.99 a month for your service you would have to pick and pay for and individual plan. I think the cheapest individual plan for talk and text is $59.00 for 450 minutes. Then you have to add the data plan since you have a Droid. And depending on your age and credit history, you may have to put down a deposit on the emancipated phone/phone number. Like I said I went thru a similar situation with my nephew. They wanted a $400 deposit from him on the separated phone/account.

Like I said I went thru a similar situation with my nephew. I agreed to add a new line back to my account to qualify for the discounted phone with a new 2 year contract after he found someone to take over the old account. But after thinking about the costs involved, the $400 deposit for the emancipated account, the $59.00 a month for the service plan on the phone till he found some one to take the account over, eventually the cost of the new phone (for the new 2 year contract) he dropped the idea. Would be better to just pay $500 for the phone he wanted rather then $600 trying to get the phone for $200. Best I can say it go to a Verizon store and see if you could emancipate the phone from the family plan account and if so how much it would cost you.