Question: Wireless Charging a N7 with Dead Charging Port


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Nov 22, 2011
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I got a question that I never really thought of, but I want to get someone who actually may have experienced this before to chime in.

So, (if you pay attention to my crazy signature) I have an N7 with a dead charging port. ASUS is trying to charge me $150 to fix it. I looked at it myself and the contacts are (once again) broken up like they gave way. I got the bright idea the other day to go ahead and purchase a wireless QI charger for $20. After all, I do have a Nexus 6 as well that can utilize it in case this doesn't work.

My Question: Would a broken/dead charging port prevent wireless charging in any way? My logic states it shouldn't because it is a different circuitry and power source and the battery itself was not damaged or depleted (that I'm aware has been off a while). The only real reason I'm asking cause I'm wondering if anyone else tried this and maybe get some insight and expectations.