Droid 3 Charging LED


Nov 17, 2009
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Seattle Area
Ok guys, the charging led (between hdmi port and charging usb port) on two of my droid 3's do not light except when you plug in any charger stock or other wise. They immediately shut off at that point. It's more of a flash than anything else. The phones have never been rooted and do not have any software to change the LED or screens lights. Yes I have searched, but only find issues of phones keeping the light on.....

Am I being to AR about the LED or shouldn't it light up while charging? Most people have been complaining about it being on and keeping them from sleeping. I would love to have that problem. That way I know the phone is charging. Right now, it is 2 out of 7 nights it's not charging and I get a dead phone....

Both have been taken to VZW tech and they have no answer except to switch it out. I'm worried about the refurbished phone, just going through the hassle of reestablishing all the settings.blah, blah, blah.......

Thanks for your help.