Question regarding SD card and phone performance


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Nov 20, 2010
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Can a full SD card cause a phone to lag? I have a 16g that I took from my OG Droid....sorry but I thought the 8g you get with a D2 was insulting when you get a 16g with a D1...anyway. I have around 128mb of free space on it and am noticing my phone starting to lag.

Is it the full card or something else? I am posed to buy a 32g but want to know if this is the cause before I do.
Do you have a lot of media files and music files???

I believe the phone scans the SD card for any files that you may be wanting to use that sits on your sd card. One way to test this out is move everything off of your SD card to your pc. Reboot your phone with zero on your sd card, see if your lag comes back. If it doesn't, well you know your answer then.

Good Luck nerdslogic
Also, what do you mean by lag? One thing that was driving me insane was the pressing home and waiting a full minute for the icons to show up.

If that's what you mean, ADW launcher has a "system persistant" option, that stops the home process from getting killed by the os.
I jumped on the forums to post this exact question. I too have a 16gb sd card in my droid and I've been noticing it bogging down noticeably, although I have 3+ gb available.
Would the phone accept an sd card larger than 16gb? If so it may bog the phone down to the point where you can't fully use all the free space.