Question about modding a ROM


Mar 2, 2010
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Im wondering if its possible to "mix" different ROMs, or maybe more accurately themes.
i am currently running the rubix 1.6 rom and applied the black n juicy 1.6 theme. the parts of the phone that are themed i really like, and i would like to add some elment that this theme does not address with parts of another theme. for emample;

i would like to add the dialer (phone.apk?) from

now if i understand the rubix rom correctly, it seems as though most of the apps are the same as i see in the 2.2 update (2.1?) for the droid 1, droid x stock phone is Blurphone.apk and droid is just phone.apk as is the phone.apk in the rubix1.6 rom. so can i just delete everything from the bowers black n bold theme zip file, in the system/app folder, except the phone.apk and delete the system/framework entirely and be ok? do i need to change anything in the "META-INF" folder?


could i simply rename the "phone.apk" in the system folder, with root exporer, to "phone.apk.bak" and copy the phone.apk extracted from the other theme, fix the permissions and reboot?

thanks in advance for any insight.
ok- tried to copy the phone.apk file and change permissions... no, phone booted with "no service" and the look of the dialer did not even change...