QPST Connection Issues


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Jul 24, 2012
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I have 2 questions, one being I having a issue connecting Droid 4 in QPST. I used to be able to connect to QPST when I was on "GB" using HW Virtual Serial Port with this settings; IP Address : port 11008. Now that I went to ICS Leak 215, I cant connect anymore. Did ICS change the ip settings on Droid 4???? If so what are settings? I dont mean IP setting for wifi but rather USB settings.

My second question is that I used the Droid 4 ICS Utility Only to change from 213 to 215. How is the CMD window talking to droid 4? I know through USB but how does window see it because in device manager i dont see Droid 4 under any ports but rather in Network adapters and Portable devices. I was wonder if there a simpler way for QPST to see my phone than using HW Virtual Serial Port.