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Aug 25, 2010
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okay well my first question is what is the difference between a rom and a theme, i have a rooted droid x with bootstrap and have made a backup, also i have rom manager, how would i install a rom onto my droid x.. in reality all what i want to do is change the way my droid looks, i want something so i can have a battery percentage on my status bar or something close to that, the one thing i really dont understand is taking rom where you download it onto your computer then putting on the x sd card/root i cant find that, i know my phone is rooted i have wi fi tethering going and so on but when i look on my computer into the removable storage device it has my back up but no folder that says root..
i guess any help would be great.. thanks for whoever helps me out
A ROM changes basic functionality and look/feel of a device.

A theme changes the icons, both in-app and settings and the icon of a lot of popular apps, depending on the themer's preference.
Oh, and has been answered many times --

Root of your SD card means the root of your SD card, not a folder named "root". That's why the instructions say to place on/in the root, not "in a folder named root". :)

Open the SD card and you're looking at the root.
oh okay sounds good, thanks! any suggestions on themes? or roms?
okay but if i get a new custom rom will all my apps be gone? or do i save them somewhere and how would i get them back?
okay but if i get a new custom rom will all my apps be gone? or do i save them somewhere and how would i get them back?

Titanium Backup in the market can be used to restore your apps when switching ROMs.
Your apps are associated with your Google account so when you reactivate the phone by entering your Google account your apps will reinstall. If some do not, open the market, tap menu, tap download and your apps will be there to manually reinstall.
okay and my google account is my gmail account right? and i like rubix 1.0 its nice and i like the themes you can get with it,, are any of you guys running it?
sweet, so no need for titanium backup.. and should i download the rom using rom manager or just put it on sd via computer?
Some members swear by RM others swear at RM. Personally, I prefer SPR. It works well and is stable. Just my opinion.
sweet, sounds good guys. thanks for all the info.. im going to try it now,, hopefully no problems :) knock on wood!