[Q] Liberty ROM and QWERTY Keyboard Auto-Text Issuse.


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Feb 27, 2011
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I am experiencing an quirk both with both the default message system and my preferred text app, Handsent SMS when I installed Liberty ROM v1.5

On either application, when I keep the phone upright and text, or essentially use the on screen keyboard, I am able to have the "auto-text" feature. What I am referring to is when typing, it auto fills/correct grammar and you and of course tap it to input.

The problem is when I slide my Droid 2 side ways, to access the QWERTY keyboard, that feature disappears. It just allows me to input test as normal with no auto-text feature. When the phone is still in landscape mode, and I hit screen, the on screen keyboard pops up and has the auto-text feature, but as soon as I use QWERTY keyboard, gone.

I have gone in the settings to Handscent SMS and made sure the "auto-text" feature is selected and enabled. Really bothering me as I use the auto-text feature as my main input source when I hit a couple letters. On stock/rooted, QWERTY keyboard function would still allow auto-text, so I know it's Liberty.
The hardware keyboard suggestions are a feature of certain keyboards but not the aosp one that is default on the rom. It is available on the blur keyboard which you can get in the toolbox or many of the alternative keyboards on the marketplace.

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I have downloaded three keyobards: Gingerbread, Froyo, and Blur. None of those three still allow the auto-text feature for the QWERTY keyboard.

I figured that since Liberty is one of the few ROMs on the market that the Droid 2 can flash, that it would at lest support a QWERTY keyboard. Am I wrong to assume that?