Auto Fit text on webpages?


Feb 12, 2010
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Coming from my incredible ive become very fond of its native auto text formating feature, especially on web sites, when its needed most. I first realized the lack of support on this feature several days ago at the verizon store while playing with the phone, though i had assumed dolphin browser could rectify the issue.

I guess I was wrong because even after selecting the auto format setting in dolphin browser it still doesnt do it.

To clarify, what i am referring to is when you zoom in on a website and the text is reformatted to fit the screen in a mannor where you no longer need to scroll horizontally.

Has anyone successfully gotten this feature to work, maybe with another browser possibly?

I always have done a double tap which also works on my bionic with the stock browser and it does auto fit the text.

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Its seems motorolas procedure for formating is to double tap after you've pinched to zoomed to your comfort level. Im guessing this is to give you an option on a formatted veiw, or not. I cant say that im a fan of this method but it gets the job done :/

Also thanks for the recommendation on boat browser, though text formatting is the same, it seems like a nicer browser than dolphin hd.

Thanks all
Yup - on the Moto stock browser, just pinch first, then double-tap and you get auto-fit.

FWIW: I love the speed of the stock browser better than any 3rd party browsers. Once I got the auto-fit thing down in the stock browser I stopped looking for alternatives.
This is known as text reflow. You will need to double-tap after zoom to get it to reflow with Dolphin. It would be more convenient if it did it automatically. CM7 had this option. It is not available in the current Bionic ROM.
Right, text reflow (thanks for telling me the word) is the same using all browsers on the bionic, so it's clearly associated to them ROM and not the browser. On my incredible, it would do it automatically after zooming, again on all browsers.

I'm hooked on boat browser full, my primary reason for leaving the stock browser is the lack of efficient tabbed browsing.