Browser not auto-fitting pages anymore...

Mr X

Aug 13, 2010
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It's been almost exactly one month since I got my phone and have had nothing but great times with it.. until recently, when it just stopped auto-fitting pages in the browser. The worst part is that in overview I can see the text scaled down into columns that look like they'd fit perfectly on the screen, but when I tap to zoom in on them, they don't fit.

I seem to have stumbled across a *possible* fix here, but I can't get into the .apk to set the permission:

If you’re missing auto-fit functionality in the stock Milestone browser, it’s time to fix it:
Sounds complicated, but you simply need to copy Browser.apk to the /system/app/ dir and set permissions to 644. It can also be done with Root Explorer, if you don’t have ADB installed.

Has anyone else been having this issue and if so, how did you fix it? Or I guess another question would be - how exactly do I change the permissions of browser.apk using Root Explorer?
Well, a great workaround is to use another browser. Dolphin hd will layout text w/ a doubletap after zoom. Xscope does it automatically.

As a bonus, both browsers have tabs and u can set the user agent to computer/desktop.