Purple Passion Theme

Wow thanks! My 10 year old wants this on her Droid now. This is a very impressive theme!

P.S. Yes my 10 year old had a Droid, she's my baby.
I cannot get this to work BB .4 for my mom to save my life...help?
I cannot get this to work BB .4 for my mom to save my life...help?

How are you installing it?

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Good luck.... I sent a pm to the op and have yet to get a response...

I was hoping I would be pointed in the right direction for the SS v4.5 version of this theme tonight since i went ahead and rooted the womans phone, oh well maybe tomorrow.
I just went with a rooted Froyo instead of BB for my mom...and it worked instantly. Oh well, Ma'ma don't get da BEAST ha
Has anyone found the link to the ss 4.5 version

robertj13 pm'd me and said purple passion and redline would be up tonight...... not sure what time though, could be up now.

..... Just got home from work, guess it's not up anywhere yet.....
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Can you theme Soundhound and bloo? (icon and app)
Also can you theme the maps, gallery and handcent icon?
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I just installed this onto SS 4.5
I can't seem to find the wallpaper that is shown in the first post.

Anyone know where I can find it?

love it edited soundhound and bloo to go with theme. having some problems with bloo