Purple Passion Theme

well, so much for Rooted droid...

This theme did something to my phone. Completely killed it. Clockwork recovery did not work. Nothing worked. All the phone did was turn on and force closed everything. It looked cool, but couldn't even make a phone call.

I ended up resetting the whole device. I had to wipe everything. I dumped the 2.2 update back into my memory card, tried to run it, and then my phone got stuck in a continuous boot loop.

3 hours later, Verizon reps had to format the whole device and put their version of Froyo 2.2 on my phone, FRG22D. Sad to say until somebody Roots this version, I can't enjoy Rooting...

Thanks for the theme anyways. I won't be trying this again.

You shouldn't give up that easy. Besides, you can just Flash a 2.1 sbf that's already rooted, then upgrade to whatever 2.2 ROM you want. Just pay close attention to which ROMs the theme has been ported to.

This theme, for example, will not work for many of the newest ROMs as the themer no longer works on it.

Don't make it sound as if I didn't try. Once I hit the boot loop, I downloaded at least 8 or 9 different roms, ranging from 2.2 all the way to 2.01, both rooted and stock. Nothing would take. Every time I tried to run them out of recovery, all of them failed. I did everything possible that I could think of, and that others could think of before I threw in the towel...
Purple Passion for sapphire 1.1.1

Anyone ported this to sapphire 1.1.1 yet? Planning on changing roms, still running AdamZ's smoked glass ... Love this theme but can't find a sapphire release for the current version.
So ima hijack really quick will vzw see I rooted my phone if I format systm and sd (won't boot past m scren)
Droid 2
Squidlies Rom
ADW faded theme
Lithium NG .0.0.5 and or sapphire 1.1.1

Any chance you will port to Lithium NG OR sapphire's latest? Just switched to Lithium NG but desperately need a theme. THanks!