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Dec 3, 2009
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Decided to pull the trigger and buy PSX4Droid after hearing it will be supported. Since it will probably be a staple of my Android experience, I've made an icon for it...


It's in PNG format, to support transparencies. I designed this size/ratio to be specifically used by Desktop Visualizer (medium widget), resized to 4x1 using LauncherPro Plus. Cumbersome, I know, but I didn't make this for you... I plan on doing this for all my most used apps/folders.

Feel free to download/resize/redistribute the work, as long as you don't pretend you made it.

did u knew that u cud also make a shortcut directly to a psx game for dvr?
can u make some 2x2 (medium) icons for those games? like resident evil 2 and 3

the resolution for 2x2 must be 535x800 to fit precisely
I'll make one for you, just because you're the first to ask. But which one, RE2 or 3?

For the record, only the h/w ratio matters when selecting an image for DVR. The larger the image, the better the resolution will be (though it will take slightly more resources to load onto the home screen).
resident evil 3
and cud u avoid having the colours green,blue,purple, yellow in thr icon? i dont like em ;p thx
I'll try not to use those colors blatantly, but most likely I'll be manipulating a game image in Photoshop somehow.
This is the best I could do with the amount of free time I have to spend. It's 500x725 (0.69 ratio), which perfectly fits "medium" 2x2 in DVR. Hope you like it.

EDIT: Replaced the icon with an improved version. Added box shadow a la Google widgets. Fixed color levels and increased contrast in image and text.

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