Problems with 3G data? Don't hard reset, read this first!


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Mar 27, 2011
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As I am sure many of you have noticed 3G data is down on your Thunderbolts. As I have discovered from some talks with Verizon techs the reason for this is that Verizon's eHPRD 3G network is down right now. This is the specialized 3G network used only on the Thunderbolt and supports voice and data at the same time and faster 3G/4G switching. Until this is fixed you can manually fix this by dialing ##778# and hitting send in your dialer. Password is 000000. This will take you to your programming screen. Go to modem settings and then Rev A, change it to enabled and then hit the menu button on your phone and commit the changes. It will tell you to reboot and the problem will be fixed as you will now use the standard Rev A 3G networked used on all other Verizon 3G devices and of course if you have 4G it will use that if its available.

There is no need to do a hard reset. Basically when you first set up the phone it automatically provisions this setting based on whether or not eHPRD is available in your area which is why when you hard reset it fixes the problem for people as the phone will then automatically change this setting to Rev A enabled since eHPRD is down.

Obviously once Verizon fixes this issue you will want to change this setting back unless of course Verizon is able to push this change out to all of the phones when the problem is fixed.
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Thank you very much! I will give this a try. I was getting very upset today.

Everybodyis having problems and I don't understand why they don't notify everyone by text that there is a problem. No doubt people are returning these phones left and right.
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Thanks for the heads up!
This should be stickied considering many users have this problem and it will save them from the headache of a hard reset. :)
I made the change and my phone still works... :)

I will travel soon to a 3g area to see if it works.

Thanks again.
Ok it worked. I was able to get 3g and my gps also worked.

Thanks once again!
Thank You so much for letting me know. I wish the verizon tech himself was aware of this today. I am in the middle of resetting all of my stuff as we speak. Thanks again.
So cause I'm one of lucky ones had no issues and just do a hard battery /reset pull once a day to refresh everything..I took a look...does this look normal, any reason I need to set anything back?

If you have issues you can always go in and make the change quickly. But if you are not having the issue you can leave it.
Thank you. You must have been sent from above you angelic man you, or lady. Man I was about to kill someone. I will switch back in the weekend. Again thank you thank you THANK YOU!
Any mention as to when this special only for Tb 3g is going to be up and running again. Just like to see things run on how it was intended to run, I understand things break, but by the end of today if it's still not fixed, then that would be 4 days and counting, I think it's a bit unacceptable considering the size of verizon, or does the "can you hear me now" and backed by the nations blah blah blah principal only apply to the voice end. Am I being anal? yeah probably

I greatly appreciate folks like you that share and post up fixes, but the parent of this thing got to step up as well,, punching in a code to get it going is fine for a day or 2.... but a series of days,,,, I mean it's bad enough gotta punch in a code to just turn off the 4g radio, don't understand why they just didn't put in the switch on the surface.
I haven't tried the switch yet, but does it affect 4g speed once you do? or will 4g mode will not be affected
I noticed the problem happens to me when I'm going from 4g to 3g, I lose the mobile broadband, but a reboot seems to bring me back to 3g. I initially spoke to Tech support and was instructed to do a battery pull. That only got 1x, so after multiple battery pulls if did a factory reset and got back to the 3g, but still lose it randomly. Will have to try the above fix if it keeps up.
I know 3g doesn't have anything to do with the voice signal, but for me it seems to have cured my low/fluctuating signal problems I have been encountering since release. Even noticed a bump in downloading speed on the normal rev A side. Anyone else notice this as well ? And thanks for bringing this quick fix to our attention
Fooling around with my tether i lost network, had to reboot to get back, question under Mobile Network settings, is Data roaming checked or unchecked, I know with verizon no raoming fees but was thinking there was a check in there, but may be wrong, what do you have?
Voice and Data on 3g is awesome! Great battery life too.