Problems connecting to computer using wi-fi hotspot...pls help


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Nov 8, 2011
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I have been able to use my DROID 2 Global as a wi-fi hotspot to connect to my computer until just a few hours ago. I turn on mymy mobile hotspot on my phone and it shows as active and even my network ssid shows up on my computer in list if wi-fi connections. When I select my id and click connect my computer says unable to connect. When I diagnose problem it says problem with device. I've tried turning off wi-fi connections and restarting and I have also rebooted phone. I have checked all my settings and still no fix. Can anyone help solve my dilemma? Preferably WITHOUT a hard/factory reset.
Welcome to Droidforums!! If you have upgraded recently I know there are issues with tethering on gingerbread. Sorry to say I am not sure how to remedy it though, I have never used tether myself.
Did you ever resolve your problem? I have basically the same thing. My computer only connects 1 out of 99 times. I watch the data send/receive arrows on my phone, and as soon as I click connect on my computer, the arrows go blank. When it does connect, the arrows are lit up. Like you, everything is fine up until I click connect.
Welcome to both of you!

I hope you find a resolution to your issue, keep us posted on your progress!